Our Process

Our process starts by meeting with you to understand your goals and objectives for the sale. If your home is closing escrow or you are moving, the desired end result may be to have everything sold and the house left in "broom-swept" condition. In other situations, there may be items you would like to keep or donate. By understanding your goals, we can then deliver the results you want from the sale.

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Next, we evaluate the inventory to be included in the sale. In this step, we price each item in the sale based on a combination of past experience and selling prices on sites such as eBay, Etsy and other ecommerce sites. Under certain circumstances, we will bring in outside appraisers to determine fair market values on jewelry, collectibles, rare antiques, and art.

The assessment also enables us to plan how the sale will be staged. During the staging phase, we organize and merchandise the inventory to highlight key pieces and display the inventory to make shopping easy. Depending on the number and types of items that are included in the sale, the process of tagging and staging can take a couple of days to 2 weeks or more. 

The key to a successful sale is getting a high volume of motivated buyers to your event. To maximize foot traffic, your sale will be advertised through several online channels, on social media platforms, to our existing data base, on the Blast Estate Sale website and with signage in the local area. 

Sales are usually run on Fridays and Saturdays and are staffed with our team of friendly and knowledgeable associates. All of our team members are committed to running successful sales and have years of experience in both sales and security. 

After the completion of your estate sale, we can solicit bids for any remaining inventory from buyout companies working in your area. While buyouts tend to be "pennies on the dollar" proposals when compared estate sale prices, selling the remaining inventory to a buyout company can be a great solution when the house needs to be cleared out. Additional after sale services also include assistance with donations and/or arranging house cleaning to bring your home to conditions specified in the closing documents of a home sale or for the return of a deposit on a rental.  

The final step in the process is getting paid. On the Tuesday following the sale, you'll receive your check, a detailed accounting of the sale and a copy of each receipt. That's it, and we hope that you'll keep us in mind should a friend or family member need our services!  

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